Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Northern Lights Restoration, Inc?

Northern Lights Restoration has been in business since 1992. Our motto is “Do it once – Do it right.” We stand behind our work with pride and make sure our customers are happy.

 What services do you offer?

We offer environmentally safe on-site refinishing of furniture and architectural woodwork. We also provide on-site historic preservation and upholstery cleaning.

What is the expected down time for my facility?

Each project will be different, but in general:

  •  Hotels – None, rooms can be occupied that evening.
  • Colleges – We can complete a 200 student residence hall in 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Court Systems – The architectural woodwork and courtroom furniture of an entire courtroom can be completed in 3 to 4 weeks.

Do we have to move the furniture out of the rooms?

All work is done on site, in the rooms, allowing rooms to be put back into service for check in the same day they are completed.

Does the new finish have an odor?

All materials are nontoxic, nonflammable and odorless and safe for all on-site operations.

How long does the finish take to dry?

Drying times can vary based upon weather conditions at location of property. But normally the finish dries to the touch in 10 minutes and is cured within 2 hours.

How many rooms can we complete in a day?

The average is 12 – 24 rooms per day; however it differs from project to project based upon number of items in each room, project specifications and the availability of the rooms.

Can the on-site refinishing and upholstery cleaning be done at the same time?

Yes. the refinishing process is completed first and then the upholstery can be cleaned.

Where are you located?

Northern Lights Restoration, Inc.’s corporate offices are located in Spencer, New York, with a second office in Saint Cloud, Florida.

How large of a territory do you cover?

Northern Lights Restoration, Inc. operates nationwide, in Canada, and the Caribbean.

How do I receive a quotation?

Please contact us by email, by phone at 607-222-9397, or by filling out the on-line Quotation Request Form.


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