Our Services

slide_hallArchitectural Restoration for Courtrooms and Historic Buildings

Northern Lights Restoration has the qualified staff, professional equipment, and years of experience to completely restore and refinish multiple pieces of furniture and architectural woodwork in a historic property in a quick and efficient manner.

On-Site Refinishing for Universities, Court Systems, and the Hospitality Industry

Our experienced staff has repaired and refinished residence hall furniture for Universities all across the United States. Using a safe, environmentally friendly process, we can complete a 200 room residence hall within a two to three week period, all on-site.

For the Hospitality Industry, we are able to completely restore a hotel room for less than the cost of one night’s stay in the room. Our unique process is environmentally friendly, quick and convenient. Working completely on-site, we can restore 12 – 24 rooms a day.

Upholstery Cleaning

We can maintain you current upholstered furniture instead of having to replace it or sending it out for reupholstery. A long term maintenance contract is available for pennies on the dollar.



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